What Are The Best Low Impact Cardio Exercises For Back Pain Relief?

Do you suffer from back pain on a regular basis? If so, you are not alone. Millions of people wake up every day with a sore and aching back, and finding ways to relieve their pain is a top priority. While painkillers can help, it is best not to become overly dependent on medications to treat chronic pain.

While you may be avoiding exercise because it is painful, in fact for many people, being more active can be just what they need to find relief. By engaging in the best low impact cardio exercises for back pain relief on a regular basis, you can keep your symptoms to a minimum and find the relief that you seek.

Doing some aerobic exercise on a regular basis can be very beneficial when you are experiencing chronic back pain. Regular exercise helps improve blood flow and ensures that your body will heal more quickly. In addition, it can keep your joints and muscles from becoming stiff and inflexible.

However, it is often wise to avoid high-impact forms of exercise, such as step aerobics or running, since these can actually make your pain worse. Avoiding repetitive stress will keep the strain on your back to a minimum so that you do not end up in even more pain than you were before you started exercising.

One of the best forms of low impact cardio exercises for back pain relief is walking. Walking puts much less strain on your joints than running or jogging, and is easy to do no matter what sort of shape you are in. Spending 30 to 45 minutes walking a few times a week helps you burn some calories and strengthen your muscles without a lot of strain, and all you need to get started is a good pair of comfortable shoes.

If you would rather not go for a walk, or if the weather outside is not cooperating, a stationary bicycle can be another good form of low-impact exercise. Riding a bike puts very little strain on your back, and you can easily do it right in your own home. Good quality exercise bikes can be had for a reasonable price, and they can also be found at most gyms and exercise clubs.

Another excellent form of activity for those who suffer from back pain is swimming. When you swim, the water supports you and takes much of the strain off of your back. There are also forms of water therapy that use the buoyancy of water to help you exercise while receiving much-needed support. You may be able to find such classes at a local gym or health club. A nearby swimming pool may also offer various classes for people who have back pain.

As you can see, there are quite a few options available when you are looking for a form of low-impact cardio exercise. By staying active and working out a few days each week, you can strengthen your muscles and help your back heal. Soon, you will be able to enjoy a pain-free existence once again.