Try These Core Exercises For Back Pain Relief

Is anyone out there suffering from back pain ready to get down on the ground and do abdominal crunches to strengthen your core? Crunches hardly sound appealing even when not suffering from back pain. Of course, exercise is crucial to recovering from back pain symptoms, and there are certain core exercises for back pain that can help immensely.

Hamstring Stretches

Hamstring stretches work because they keep your back flat for the most part while still strengthening your core. Lightly stretching and exercising the back without overdoing it is going to be a recurring theme in regards to the best core exercises for back pain.

To perform a hamstring stretch, you lie flat on your back, one leg down, and one leg up with your knee bent. The leg that is down is going to be slowly lifted without bending to where it is perpendicular with your body. Its best if you use a towel to hold the leg. For one, its easier to do it this way instead of using your hands, and for two, many people aren’t able to grab around their toes with their leg fully extended.

Other Important Core Exercises

Wall sits are a great core strengthening exercise to use. Again, your back is going to be flat for this exercise, albeit against the wall instead of on the ground. You can do reps instead of trying to set a record, meaning 10 seconds is long enough for the hold. Additionally, slide up when you’re done holding instead of sliding down, which could further hurt your back.

Aerobic exercise is recommended, but in such a vast field, you have to watch so that you don’t engage in an activity that could be harmful to your back. Swimming is a great aerobic exercise for strengthening your core and helping your back at the same time.

Other important core exercises include: Bridging, Pelvic Tilts, Bird Dog and Press-Up Back Extensions. Bird Dog is very simple, an exercise requiring a person to get on all fours, again with back straight, extending one leg at a time up and out behind them. Press-Up Back Extensions have you on your stomach, using your arms to lift your body up slowly to stretch your back.

Exercises to Avoid

Keeping the hamstring stretches in mind, where it was mentioned to use a towel instead of reaching for your toes, one exercise that you should avoid is the toe touch stretches. These typically stretch out the back too much and fall into the category of going overboard.

Crunches were used as an example in the first paragraph of the article, and while traditional sit ups and crunches should be avoided, partial crunches are actually viewed as a positive core strengthening exercise for people with back pain. Another exercise that should be avoided, however, is leg lifts.

These core strengthening exercises for back pain not only help your back but protect it from further injury stemming from bad exercise selection. It may not be time to swing for the fences, but you now have an arsenal of exercises to build up your core and provide some relief for your back pain.