The Clock: A Yoga Exercise For Upper Back Pain

People all over the globe suffer from upper back pain on a daily basis?

Even if its not a common occurrence, upper back pain can be a seriously uncomfortable and sometimes debilitating condition.

Back pain is perhaps on the of the most common problems faced by people all around the world. Sometimes it is temporary and fleeting, yet other times it can reach a chronic status that prevents people from living their normal daily lives.

Back pain, whether in the upper or lower region, is so unfortunate because it can be extremely difficult to nail down the root cause. There are so many potential causes of back pain, from overexertion to more serious medical conditions, that finding a realistic and permanent solution can seem almost impossible at times. Even the doctors cant always find the answer right away, but most of them will still recommend exercise for upper back pain as a long term potential treatment.

Regular exercise should be something done by everyone on a consistent basis anyways, but that isnt always the world we live in. Reducing the symptoms of back pain is another reason to visit the gym or to lay out the yoga mat at home. There is no one exercise for upper back pain that will heal them overnight, but here is a very simple yoga exercise that can make a big difference in the long run.

First, Remember To Breathe.

Often times, pain in the neck and upper back are results of posture. It comes from sitting in a seat throughout the day, whether working in an office, watching television, or sitting in front of the computer. Yoga exercises are a great way to relieve tension in these areas without needing to visit a gym or doctor.

Thought not technically an exercise, the first step towards relieving upper back tension via yoga is practicing proper breathing. Breathing deep and utilizing the diaphragm instead of the neck can relieve much of the tension. Its also a good idea to practice proper posture while improving this deep breathing technique.

The Clock Exercise.

The clock is an actual yoga exercise that is often used in physical therapy sessions to relieve chronic back pain. It is also referred to as “the pec stretch”. Performing this routine is very simple. Stand next to a wall or door and place your right hand above the head and against the wall as close to the 12 oclock position.

From here, think of your arm as the hand on a clock. Let it slowly move in a clock-like motion from the 12 position to the 1, and then the 2, and finally the 3 oclock position. At 3 oclock it should be facing directly to your right in a level position and planted against the wall.

In this position, move your left hand and place it against your right rib cage. Keep the right hand stationary and pull the rib cage forward with the left palm. At the same time perform the deep breathing technique mentioned earlier. If performed correctly you will feel a deep stretch that pulls on the right shoulder and all the way down the right arm. Hold this position as you perform the deep breathing technique for six breaths.

The clock is a very simple exercise for back pain that stretches muscles that dont often get stretched enough. Some people notice an immediate relief after performing the exercise. It should be repeated with both arms in the same fashion. A deeper stretch can be obtained by standing closer to the wall.