Some Back Pain Stretches

Stretching your muscles, soft tissues, ligaments and tendons in your legs, back, buttock, and around your spine area can be very beneficial and help to alleviate back pain.

Your spinal column and its continuous ligaments, tendons, and muscles have been designed for movement.

When movement is restricted or limited it can make existing back pain even worse. For patients who suffer with ongoing back pain they may find it takes quite some time of performing back stretching exercises before they receive a sustained relief from the back pain. However, back stretching exercises can help to increase the mobility of the soft tissues and spine. As a patient is able to increase their range of motion they will slowly eliminate further back pain.

People who are suffering from current neck or low back pain should always check with their family physician or therapist before starting any exercise program. These professionals have been trained to help you choose the right exercise to strengthen your back. Never begin a back exercise program before consulting with one or both of these trained professionals.

There are many wonderful and effective exercises that will help you to relieve a stiff back. It is interesting to note that many people who suffer from a stiff back also suffer from a stiff neck. Therefore, you may also want to include some exercises for the neck and shoulder area.

For example, as you sit or stand gently bend your head forward while at the same time bringing your chin toward your chest. Do this exercise until you feel a stretch in the back part of your neck. Another effective exercise is to gently bend your neck to the right side as if you are trying to touch your ear with your shoulder. Repeat this motion on the left side as well. This particular exercise will stretch both the top of your shoulder and the neck area just below your ears.

Most of us have felt a degree of tension in our back when we wake up in the morning. Doing a few simple back stretching exercises when you first wake up will help you to increase mobility and provide suppleness. These simple exercises will also decrease any back discomfort or pain throughout the day.

It is important to remember to also do some back pain stretches for your hips and buttocks. The buttocks and hips are important because they support the lower back. You will find your gluteus muscles located in this area. When you stretch these muscle groups it will help to maintain the flexibility of your spine. These morning exercises should be done at least three times a week but preferably four times each week.

An easy hip and buttock exercise to do is to stand with your feet apart and proceed to take a half step backwards with your right foot. Bend your left knee and begin to shift your weight back on to your right hip. As you keep your right leg straight slowly bend forward and reach down along your right leg. Do this until you feel a stretch in the outer hip area. Back pain stretches can help to prevent future back pain.