How To Strengthen Your Back To Relieve Back Pain

Back pain can strike at any time, and it is often caused by straining your back when you lift something heavy or exercise too vigorously. Age and being overweight can also cause chronic back pain. Thankfully, there are plenty of things you can do to make your back stronger. Read on to learn how to strengthen your back so you can avoid injuries.

Pay Attention To Your Posture

Back pain and posture go hand in hand. When you slouch at your desk or keep your shoulders constantly raised to talk on your cell phone, you are placing stress on your back muscles. This can lead to back pain. To achieve proper posture, make sure to align your ears with your shoulders and keep your shoulder blades pushed back. This will eliminate stress on your spine.

Strengthen Your Core

Your core supports your spine and if your core is weak, you are likely to start experiencing back pain. Making sure your core is strong is one of the best ways to strengthen your back. Using an exercise ball is a great way to strengthen your back. Exercise balls provide low impact exercise and are extremely effective at strengthening your core.

Use your ball to perform front walkouts by placing your chest on the ball and walking forward on your hands. As you move forward, let the ball roll towards your feet while keeping your stomach tight. As you get stronger, you will be able to roll the ball all the way to your feet.

Reverse crunches are also effective core strengtheners. With your chest on your exercise ball, walk forward with your hands until the ball comes to your knees. With your stomach muscles tight and your lower back flat, use your hips and knees to pull the ball towards your arms. Push the ball back and repeat.

Give Squats A Try

This easy squat only requires a 5 pound dumbbell and a wastebasket. Place the dumbbell in the wastebasket and stand with your feet hip distance apart. You will want to place the wastebasket behind your left foot.

Twist to the left and squat down as you pick up the wastebasket. Place your weight in your heels as you stand up straight, bringing the wastebasket to waist level. Repeat on the other leg.

Stretch Like A Scorpion

The scorpion stretch is a fantastic move for strengthening your back. Just lie on your stomach with your arms out and your feet together. Squeeze your left buttock and bend your left knee while you raise it high. Try to touch your left foot to the ground over your right leg while keeping your chest on the ground.
Repeat on the opposite leg.

When you know how to strengthen your back, you can avoid doing things that are going to strain it and you can keep it healthy. Exercise is crucial. Your back supports your entire body and you need to do what you can to keep it strong.