Helpful Exercises for Back Pain Relief

Back pain is extremely common, and this comes as no surprise with the number of people sitting at desks for eight-hour workdays. After this, a long commute home in a sitting position does not do much to keep back pain away.

Most people think the best way to deal with back pain is by resting or eliminating any strenuous exercise. While a doctor might recommend this, it is usually only a temporary course of action. Eventually, exercises for back pain are needed to keep stiffness, sensitivity and discomfort from returning. It is a good idea to do as much exercise on a regular basis for the rest of the body, too. Proper exercise helps to keep the muscles, joints and the soft tissues in the discs of the back healthy, and this can help keep pain from worsening.

Talk to a doctor about doing what are called McKenzie exercises or dynamic lumbar stabilization exercises. These should be done with the supervision of a doctor, but are not recommended for all people who suffer back discomfort. An overall exercise routine for anyone wanting to relieve pain should include an even amount of stretches, low-impact aerobics and strengthening. Here are some exercises for back pain relief that can be done at home or at work.

For upper back pain relief, a yoga-inspired pose. Stand, and face a wall. Put your hands waist high. Walk yourself backwards so that you are standing in a way that makes your back look like a tabletop.

Be sure your feet are right under your hips. Press your hands to the wall and raise your sit bones up. Hold the pose for six breaths. If you can, set an alarm for once an hour so that you can do this or other simple stretches throughout your workday.

For low back pain, try wall squats. Again, you can set an alarm so that you get up once an hour from your desk to relieve your back problems. All you do for the wall squat is lean up against the wall with your back. Use your feet to walk ahead enough so that you are sitting at an angle. Tighten your stomach, and hold this pose for five seconds. Stand up and repeat the exercise nine more times.

Ask your doctor or chiropractor for more detailed information on the best exercises for your particular back problem. You do not want to strain yourself, but you do want to work out as much as you possibly can for overall good health. The above exercises are examples of simple things you can do throughout your workday to keep your back from getting stiff.

Your doctor should dictate the rest of your workout routine, especially if you have issues like bulging discs. If your back pain is mild to moderate, you can treat it with gentle back exercises. However, if the conditions worsens or persists, you must talk with your doctor or a spine specialist for more help in treating the problem.